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Care Guide and Instructions

Care Guide, Instructions and Jump Rings


First method for dry everyday cleaning of your piece(s) - Clean your pieces regularly with our Zincello polishing cloth as sterling silver can tarnish when left due to it being a precious metal. Gently rub over the item with the cloth, removing any tarnish and re-polishing the metal.

Second method for cleaning of your piece(s) after any actions below -  Rinse with warm water, gently dry with a soft cloth without rubbing the jewellery to avoid scratching and then once completely dry, softly rub over the jewellery with a polishing cloth.


Storing Your Jewellery:
All of our pieces come with a pouch or bag for storage. We recommend that you leave your piece inside the pouch/bag when not wearing it to try and reduce any moisture getting to the piece which is the main factor that speeds up tarnishing.

Wearing While Showering or Swimming:
Chlorine and moisture speed up the tarnishing process, so we recommend that you remove your piece(s) prior to showering and swimming. Wearing them now and again won't instantly tarnish your piece(s) however, consistently wearing them in these conditions will slowly tarnish them. If you do wear your piece(s) in these conditions, clean afterwards with the second method stated above.

Avoid direct contact with perfumes, as the moisture and chemicals in the perfumes can again, speed up the tarnishing process. We advise that you apply perfume prior to putting on your piece(s) to try to avoid direct contact. If you do get perfume directly onto your piece(s), clean with the second method stated above.

Exercising and going to the Gym:
You can wear your piece(s) while exercising and in the gym but we recommend that you clean them afterwards with the second method stated above.


The Jump Rings that we use

At Zincello, we care greatly about our customers and your experience with us which is why we use open jump rings on our chains and bracelets to protect you and also the jewellery.

An open jump rings work to protect you and the piece if the jewellery is pulled or caught by allowing the piece to separate at the ring, so that you are not hurt and the links are not damaged. If the jump ring was closed and the chain or bracelet had no point to relieve the force being applied to it so the links become broken instead, this would then make it very difficult to be fixed.

If the jump ring is only slightly pulled apart and not damaged, it can be pushed back together securing the clasp back onto the end cap.

If the jump ring has been damaged, this can be easily replaced with a new one by hooking the ring onto the clasp and the end cap and then gently pushing the jump ring back together.